Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Another Trip!

I've just gotten back from my second trip to the Grey Islands this summer and I am happy to say that my camera worked fine this time around (in fact I got a brand new camera just in time for the trip). So here are some pics and notes about the adventure!

We got into Conche at about 3pm and found this little iceberg (and bergy bits) in the cove:

I should mention that I didn't go by myself this time. There were eight of us altogether and a good time was had by all. Here Paul is getting us loaded aboard his boat, and Jordan is in the background.

The boat ride was amazing! We saw dolphins, orcas, minkes and humpbacks, not mention the millions of seabirds. Here are the dolphins that swam under the boat:

We also got very close to some amazing icebergs. There were probably about fifty icebergs gathered around the island:

The first thing we did was walk up to the kiln and unload it. Most of the pots were pretty underfired, as I expected, but it was good to see the kiln still standing nonetheless:

The next day we saw caribou and I managed to get these pics despite not knowing how to properly use my new camera yet:

We eventually reloaded the kiln and tried another firing:

We had to wait through another spectacular sunset before we could unload the kiln in the morning:

I haven't gotten satisfactory images of the pottery yet - that will be the next post.

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