Tuesday, October 19, 2010

October in Red Deer

A couple weeks ago I was in Red Deer, Alberta, to present at the 1000 Miles Apart Ceramics Conference, an annual get together of students and faculty from the four prairie art schools that have ceramics programs - ACAD, University of Regina, University of Manitoba, and Red Deer College. I did a two-day studio demonstration where I built one of my self-firing pieces. It's been four years since I made one of those things and I had forgotten how nerve wracking it can be (I won't go into detail right now about the time I caught a gallery's carpet on fire). I also did a lecture while I was there - it was a really good time. Here are some pictures of the conference:

The main ceramics studio:

Julia Galloway (who also demonstrated) and Leon Popic:

Some of Julia's pots:

Robert Harrison (also a demonstrator) and Teri Frame (who did a performance):

Me standing next to the new arch that Robert built:

The pizza oven (staffed by Paul Leathers and Trudy Golley):

And the pizza party:

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